Why Build Your Home With Steel Roof Framing?

There are many materials you can use for your upcoming home construction project. One popular selection of construction material is steel, and steel sales can be found from many fabricators. Mention the word 'steel' and the first thing that will come to your mind is its great strength and durability. But is that the only benefit steel structures have to offer building owners? Continue on to familiarise yourself with some other important benefits of building your home using a steel roof framing system. [Read More]

The Safe Way to Redevelop Brownfield Sites

Across Australia, old industrial sites are being turned into new businesses, community facilities and housing projects. This is adding residential space, stimulating local economies and adding to the services available to local people, but it can also bring problems. Many industrial sites come with a legacy of toxic contamination, such as the old copper smelter at Port Kembla in NSW or the Wunderlich factory in Melbourne's Sunshine North suburb (dubbed the " [Read More]

Five Signs Your Old Home Can Be Retrofitted With Ducts for Air Conditioning

With hot temperatures rising so incredibly in Australia, air conditioning feels like it's no longer a luxury but a necessity. If you live in an old home, you may be wondering if you can retrofit it with a ducted air system connected to an air conditioning unit. Here are five signs your old home is right for ducts: 1. Your walls are thick enough to support ductwork. Whether you want to install a ducted air conditioner or a set of air ducts that connects to a heating and cooling unit, you need somewhere to host the ducts. [Read More]

Which is the Best Sand to Use for Paver Installation?

Pavers are stunning landscaping features for both residential and commercial property. When installed correctly, they can enhance the aesthetics and value of property for many years. The key to attractive, durable, and functional pavers is using good quality sand for the installation process. Most people think that any type will get the work done, but this is not usually the case. Working with the wrong sand can cause your pavers to shift, sink, or crack, costing you for repairs. [Read More]