Which is the Best Sand to Use for Paver Installation?

Pavers are stunning landscaping features for both residential and commercial property. When installed correctly, they can enhance the aesthetics and value of property for many years. The key to attractive, durable, and functional pavers is using good quality sand for the installation process. Most people think that any type will get the work done, but this is not usually the case. Working with the wrong sand can cause your pavers to shift, sink, or crack, costing you for repairs. For this reason, it is extremely paramount to understand the best choice for your paving project.

Applications of sand in installation

Sand is used in two steps of the paving installation project.

  • Bedding: A bed for the pavers is excavated and filled with crushed stone or gravel. After this, a generous layer of sand is spread on the bed to create a level ground on which the paver units will be installed.
  • Paver joints: After the pavers have been laid on the bedding, sand is used to fill the joints and cracks to create an even surface. Doing so prevents the pavers from shifting out of place.

These two processes are carried out using different types of sand. As a result, you may be confused as to which is the best sand to use for the bedding and the joints.

Choosing the best sand for each application


The ideal type of sand for the bedding should be coarse, granular, and with sand grains of approximately the same size. The types of sand with these features are masonry sand and concrete sand. When spread on the bed, the sand locks together and creates a compact and smooth surface for laying the pavers. If the ground is uneven, you may end up with paver units that appear to be on higher ground than others, and this could create an eye sore. Sand with very fine particles shouldn't be used as they will easily wash away in the rain, causing shifting or sinking of units.

Paver joints

The best type of sand for paver joints is one that is granular with multiple grain sizes. It should be able to lock together and hold the units firmly to preserve their structural integrity. One of the best types of sand for this application is polymeric sand. The polymers in the sand harden it and make it so durable that it does not need to be replaced even after years of exposure to weather elements.

Pavers are ideal units that can be used to improve the outdoor appearance of property. To get the right quality sand, visit a local sand supplier in your area and get the best sand and other supplies for your paver installation project.

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