Recruiting a new recruitment manager

If you have a large staff or a staff with a high rate of turnover one of the most important roles to get right is the recruitment manager. If your recruitment manager leaves the organisation it is very important to get a replacement that is both organised and efficient, as well as having a great feel for the company culture. Here are some of the options. Promote internally A relatively easy option can be to promote an existing staff member such as a human resources assistant into the role. [Read More]

What to keep in mind when hiring a land surveying company

Having the best company to perform your land surveying process will not only save you worries, time, and money. It will cover all the potential legal problems that may arise during the process. The foundation upon which your project will be developed forms the highly technical and complex work done by land surveyors. This makes it imperative to choose a reputable company that will offer the best professional services for your land surveying project. [Read More]

Dealing With Asbestos: A Guide for Homeowners

With so many rules and regulations surrounding asbestos detection and removal, it can be difficult to know where to start.  If you have found asbestos in your home or suspect that there may be some there, then it's important to act quickly to ensure that your home is safe for both you and your family. This guide aims to help you become familiar with the steps you can take to do this. [Read More]

Buying a Quality Pen? Get the Right One for You

If you're used to using cheap, disposable pens, you might not see the benefits of investing in a high-quality writing tool that can last a lifetime. But a good pen is a joy to write with, a far cry from the simple promotional or souvenir biros that tend to accumulate in drawers and on desks. And when you buy one, you not only gain a reliable writing companion but an instant heirloom with heaps of sentimental value. [Read More]