Dealing With Asbestos: A Guide for Homeowners

With so many rules and regulations surrounding asbestos detection and removal, it can be difficult to know where to start.  If you have found asbestos in your home or suspect that there may be some there, then it's important to act quickly to ensure that your home is safe for both you and your family. This guide aims to help you become familiar with the steps you can take to do this.

Get an Inspection

First and foremost, whether you suspect your home contains asbestos or whether you already know, you should book an expert inspection.  This is because it's not a simple 'yes' or 'no' question.  Your home may or may not have asbestos, but if it turns out that it does, you'll also need to know the amount and extent of it, whether it's an immediate danger and whether it's friable or non-friable asbestos.  An inspector will be able to conclusively help you with all of this information, allowing you to be quick and confident as you take the next steps.

Ascertain the Type

As mentioned, asbestos can be either friable or non-friable.  It's vital to know which type of asbestos is found in your home, because it will affect which type of removal company you contact.  Class B companies can only remove debris that comes from non-friable asbestos; class A companies have a license to remove both friable and non-friable asbestos.

Schedule a Removal

It's important to have the asbestos—and any other contaminated material—removed as soon as possible.  It has been positively identified as a carcinogen, and while undisturbed asbestos is unlikely to affect the health of you or your family, it will become dangerous as soon as it's disturbed. This isn't a risk worth taking; even breathing in a small amount can be a real hazard.  As such, as soon as you know which type of asbestos is in your home and have identified a licensed company, you should book them in.  Handing over all the details of your inspection will really help the removal company to run the process smoothly.

While having inspections and removal work done in your home may not be ideal and will disrupt your everyday life until it's completed, it's well worth it. Nothing is more important than your health, and with these steps in mind, you'll be able to protect yourself and your home as quickly and effectively as possible.