Balustrades: The Undeniable Pros of Wrought Iron

When considering the installation of balustrades, utility, as well as beauty, should be the main concepts that you bear in mind. Although there is a myriad of materials that you could choose from, they do not come close to seamlessly providing you with these two main properties as wrought iron does. The versatile nature of this material makes it ideal whether you are looking for a classically simple design or an over the top ornate style. Below are some of the undeniable pros of using wrought iron for your balustrades.

Wrought iron is resistant to corrosion

One of the major or concerns people have when they are using metal for their balustrades or fencing is that it may spontaneously start to rust. Since wrought iron is an alloy, it has a greater resistance to corrosion when compared to other metallic elements. Nevertheless, this does not imply that it will be immune to rust for the duration of its lifespan. Over time, chips on the surface of the wrought iron may expose it to corrosion. Especially if they are constantly getting water splashed on them from the pool. Therefore, it would be prudent to ensure that the balustrades are powder coated on a scheduled basis. This will keep the surface looking pristine and protected from chips and cracks.

Wrought iron is strong

The innate strength of wrought iron makes it one of the most long-wearing materials that you could consider. Since it is so sturdy, you can rest assured that will not be susceptible to bending, denting and other surface damage due to high impact. The strength of wrought iron also makes it an ideal option for people that would like their balustrades to provide them with a degree of security, such as by the pool area. Just ensure that the design you choose would make it difficult for people to scale your fencing. If you opt for bars in your design, ensure that they are not spaced too wide apart too.

Wrought iron provides you with unobstructed views

If you would like your balustrades to complement your property while still provide you with a modicum of privacy, then wrought iron would be ideal for your swimming pool. The different design elements created by these materials such as curves, twists and scrolls create visual interest but still make it hard for outsiders to peer into your property. Thus, instead of your balustrades being foreboding, they end up complementing the space. This can also function to increase the value of your home too!

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